Stay Up All Nite

by Jackass Penguins

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(free) 02:28


Highlights from "Stay Up All Nite", a companion EP to Hourglass.


released July 20, 2000

Produced by Derrick Hoyle.
Originally released on Oyitt Records
Originally recorded in June and July 2000 at Vibrate Sender in Riverside, California
All songs written by M. Watson except for Tracks 1 and 5.
Cover photo of San Diego, California by Derrick Hoyle



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Jackass Penguins Yucaipa, California

A lo-fi musical outlet. Started in late 1993 in Riverside. Concerts have been nearly nonexistent, but recording has been prolific. Aside from a few locals and casual fans, the band is willingly obscure.

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Track Name: Dreamy Sleeper
Last night I had a blissful dream
I dreamed that you were in front of me
We danced all night and floated with the breeze
I was sad 'cause it was just a dream

When we're apart
it decimates my heart
when we rendezvous
my lonely days are through

With you I smile my dear
My whole life is so austere
I hope your love for me is clear
This could never disappear
Track Name: My Sweet Juliet
I'm at the trail
I exhale
I try no woman, no cry
All I do is stare and sigh

She smiles, five miles
Stay awhile

I love beaches, the blue sea
I love mountains, the tall trees
Most I love is sitting here

You look back
Could this be dream?

It's like palm trees in the sand
My sweet Juliet, take my hand
Track Name: Dramamine
Never ever say it's over
Count the hours as they pass
and you are my four-leaf clover
watch you walking in the grass

Eat the food and learn the rules
In the limo in the pool
In the restaurant on the floor
In the backyard, open doors

3 o'clock and watching movies
making biscuits, open cans
listen to the water moving
taking pictures for the flash
I thank the Lord that you are with me
even if you fall asleep
but you stay and watch the movie
and play piano just for me

Track Name: 2050 (Nursing Home Blues)
2050 my time’s passed me by
flowers are wilted
my friends have died
I’m still alive
sitting here counting the days of my life
all those good times
frozen in time
haunting my mind
I bid farewell to best of my time
grandkids are driving their daughters to school
I’m in the pool
water aerobics and trips to the mall
white scraggly hair
pills in my mouth
swallow them down
watch TV
burn calories
no privacy
Fixodent glue
wrinkled tattoos
nursing home blues