by Jackass Penguins

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The most cohesive album in our catalogue. We're proud of this one.


released September 15, 2000

Produced by Derrick Hoyle
Originally released on Oyitt Records
Originally recorded in August and September 2000 at Vibrate Sender in Riverside, California
Analog to digital transfer from original tape in January 2012
All songs by M. Watson, unless otherwise noted.
Cover photo of Trona Pinnacles by Derrick Hoyle



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Jackass Penguins Yucaipa, California

A lo-fi musical outlet. Started in late 1993 in Riverside. Concerts have been nearly nonexistent, but recording has been prolific. Aside from a few locals and casual fans, the band is willingly obscure.

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Track Name: Harsh
Harsh screams
Death beams
Pain teems
Life seems
Track Name: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
It’s not about
It’s not about
It’s not about how you miss me.
It’s not about
It’s not about how you talk about your boyfriend in front of me.
It’s not about
It’s not about how you follow my every move.
It’s not about
It’s not about how you look at me so sexy.
about the way I feel about you.
I could always look at you and feel the same.
You wouldn’t change your name if we got married someday.
I want to take you to some secluded hotel room and fuck your brains out all the night
Until we see the morning light.
The morning light.
It’s not about
It’s not about how I love to pour hot wax on your body.
It’s not about
It’s not about how I love to eat you out when you are on the rag.
It’s not about
It’s not about how I love to drink your piss.
It’s not about
It’s not about how you want to shit in my mouth.
It’s the glory when I see you in the bathroom all alone
And you are thinking about your boyfriend.
And you’ve got the vibrator on xxxtra-high.
You won’t even know I’m alive anymore.
Just when I think I’ve got a chance
You make me feel like an ant
Yes I am the biggest loser in the world.
And that’s because of you.
And I don’t need that no more.
Yes I’m walking out that door
Yes I’m gone for good.
Track Name: Las Vegas
Buy two, get three free
I promise thee
Every single day
I want to say that I'm leaving you for good
That's why I never called last night
Stood you up for our first date, yeah
I never thought I'd do such a stupid ass thing 'til I saw you
And then I went to the motocross and I got down on my knees and thought
I could be so fucking famous without you
So why would I need you?
I won't ever say to you that you were just a good fuck, yeah
I can't believe
What have I become?
What have I done to everyone?
Las Vegas shines so bright in the night
Las Vegas, outta sight.
Track Name: Tambourine
What in the world
I deliver my life to
Secret you
And you wouldn't leave me, would you?
War in the east
But I have my tambourine
Everything gets lost in translation

I play within the sun
Play with everyone
Play until I'm done
Play is what I want
And I wanted everything
But I realize that's mean
Play my tambourine

What is the face
of the human master race?
Would you place
Everybody in the mud?
I could be free
But I want eternity
In the sun
23 radio stations
Track Name: Trona
What a lovely day this is
With all the sand and the breeze and the desert sun
What a lovely place this is
With all the rock and the stream and us having fun

Trona it's like living underwater
Trona it's like living like an otter

Sitting under a green rock
With the stream flowing by and without a care
Listen to the silence how
It's makes you feel like walking on air

And I know I love you all
How you appreciate my existence here
And I must thank you all
Now I walk and I play without a care
Track Name: Translucent
Walking through the car wash
Lesbians aflame
Walking through the car wash
Calling out your name
Looking for a fight
I was looking for a light
I was looking for some midnight bowling
I was staying up all night

And if you're waiting too long
Somewhere off the North Atlantic
And if you're playing this song
You'll be translucent

Walking through the car wash
Scared as I could be
Walking through the car wash
Zombie symphony
Looking for a girl
Staying up all night
Shimmy shimmy swirl
Twisting in the fight
Track Name: No Use To Play The Blues
Why should I run
I could hide
Why should I fly
I could die
Why should I smile
I could cry
Why should I drive
When I could ride

Out of the sun
Into the rain
Keep to myself all of my pain

Nymphos and fags
Laugh at the rain
Spill off their laps
I get the stain
All of these freaks
Don't understand
Just 'cause I smile
Don't mean I'm glad

No use to complain

Nymphos and fags
Whisper in my ear
Tell me what I want to hear
Tell me what I want
I want a slut
I want a lesbian
Show me your clit
and I will hit
your tit
That's it
I don't know
That's how it go
Pull down your panties girl
Cause you're a ho
Track Name: Aaron's Theme
Everyone's looking for signs
Don't they know that time goes by
Faster than a porcupine?
Happy days and love is mine

After this only bliss
Really miss all of this

Past rays sunbeams from a day
Happy memories gone away
Will they come again someday?
If there's a-life, they say

After this only bliss
Really miss all of this

All of this
Track Name: Hourglass
Time is flowing like a van
Driving on the riverbed
Oscillating continuity
Life is like a radio
Turn the dial to what you know
Modulating conformity

Hourglass is running low
Time to reap what you have sowed

I was walking by the sea
Past the driftwood and seaweed
Contemplating infinity
How can someone be content
When they're all alone and yet
Surrounded with humanity?

Hourglass is running low
Time to reap what you have sowed

And I'm sitting here awake
How I long for yesterday

I was counting grains of sand
As they drifted off my hand
Answering the call of gravity
I was watching waves rehearse
How the foam inside dispersed
And the water flowed so pallidly

Hourglass is running low
Time to reap what you have sowed
Track Name: Southern California
You took me under the waves
We drank the wine just like days
Can't help but breathe in the haze

Sunshine on the sand
Smiles across the land
Let me hold your hand
Let me hold your hand

You have such beautiful ways
Like circumpuscular rays
I dot my i's and my j's

Southern California

Look at those beautiful waves
They push and pull just like slaves
They shine like Rutherford Hayes